Applied Biosystems/MDS SCIEX – 4000 Q-TRAP LC-MS/MS

The 4000 Q-TRAP LC-MS/MS system includes a hybrid triple quadrupole/LIT (linear ion trap) mass spectrometer by combining the complete functionality of triple quadrupole instrument and the capabilities of an ion trap. It can be performed as a quadrupole-mode scans (Q1 Scan, Q3 Scan, Multiple Reaction Monitoring, Product Ion Scan, Precursor Ion Scan and Neutral Loss Scan) and LIT-mode scans (Enhanced MS, Enhanced Multi-Charge, Enhanced Product Ion, Enhanced Resolution, MS/MS/MS and Time Delayed Fragmentation), or in combination when analyzing the samples. The major areas of this instrument consist of proteomics (sequence analysis of proteins and peptides), drug discovery and drug development. The instrument is coupled with Shimadzu UFLC system with several specific columns in order to separate the peptide mixture.